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Dare to Compare
Questions to ask when comparing Career Welding Colleges vs. Public Colleges

1.     How many hours, weeks and/or months is the welding program?

2.     How many hours of the welding program are hands-on-training vs. classroom time?

3.     Do companies contact the college looking to hire their welding students?

4.     How often do students start (semester or continuous intake) and are the start dates guaranteed?

5.     Has the college ever dropped/cancelled programs due to lack of student enrolment?

6.     Does the college offer a free trial to see if you like welding before committing and spending money?

7.     Is the college a CWB and/or TSSA Testing Centre and how many tests are included in the program?

8.     What is the frequency of the CWB and/or TSSA testing (throughout program or at end of program)?

9.     What is the instructor vs. student ratio?

10.  What are the instructors qualifications and work experience?

11.  Does each student utilize their own welding booth, tools and machine (no sharing of equipment)?

12.  Is the student required to make steel workpieces (i.e., coupons) before being able to learn welding?

13.  Does the program include both plate and pipe welding?

14.  What welding processes (i.e., Stick, MIG, Flux Core, and TIG) are taught for plate and for pipe?

15.  What other training is included with program (i.e., blueprint reading, plasma cutting and gouging, exotic metals)?

16.  What additional cost/fees (i.e., parking, health insurance, and administration fees) are required?

17.  What other services are offered (resume preparation, job searches)?

18.  What is the college’s graduation and employment rate for students?

 For more info, contact each Welding College individually.
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